What is Daybreak?

Daybreak is a data analytics solution that marks the dawn of business intelligence for small to mid-sized business. The underlying principle behind Daybreak is that data is most valuable when it is clean, properly formed, relevant, and actionable. Daybreak is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to ingest and curate data from various sources across a business's operational footprint in order to produce a data warehouse composed of libraries of data points or "atoms" with proven relevance for business needs in a target industry.

Daybreak consists of a data pipeline where clients work with their Aunalytics team to configure data sources that feed our Aunsight platform services with raw input. Once inside the platform, our scalable and distributed compute and storage infrastructure processes the data and securely stores it for exploration using Daybreak's query tools, or it can be exported back to the client as a standard SQL database.

Why Use Daybreak?

Many small to mid-sized businesses lack the in-house resources to manage data as efficiently as major players in their industries. While large companies can exploit data to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, smaller companies struggle to keep a foothold in the market. With fewer analysts and DBA administrators on staff, it helps to have access to a big data infrastructure for transforming raw data into business insight.

Daybreak opens the possibility of this kind of in-house data analytics for the small to mid-sized business by handling the intermediate data engineering and infrastructure for your organization and providing tools that help your team access clean, relevant, and actionable data for exploration and analysis.

Using simple tools, Daybreak allows analysts to extract the information they need without needing to implement investments in hardware, manage a distributed storage and elastic compute environment, or even learn basic query languages like SQL. With Daybreak, simply ask a question and have Daybreak's intelligent natural language search interpret your request as a SQL query against the data mart, or construct advanced queries using our query wizard tool and export that data to a CSV file. And of course, if a user does have knowledge of SQL, they can query the data mart directly using the Daybreak SQL Builder.

Getting Started

Get to know the power of Daybreak by exploring how our industry intelligent data models help aggregate and transform data from sources common to your industry into an intelligent data mart.

To see how easy Daybreak makes data exploration, learn about our tools like the Data Builder where users with only basic computer skills can extract the information they need to answer questions about their business using the query wizard. Similarly, the Data Builder's SQL editor allows more advanced users with a background in SQL-based databases to construct more precise or complex queries against their data mart.