October Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the October 2021 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


Okta Multi-Factor Authentication

This month, we're premiering a long-anticipated capability that will revolutionize the way users access Daybreak: Okta Multi-Factor Authentication. Okta is an industry leader in cloud based identity and access management (IAM) solutions, providing a single, integrated database that connects to thousands of cloud-based applications, now including Daybreak!

At the conclusion of this month's release, our Daybreak application and Aunsight™ platform APIs will now be connected to Okta's identity and access management cloud. What this means is that Daybreak is capable of authenticating users who have an Okta account set up.

Many of our clients are already using Okta to manage identities across their networks. In these cases, our client success team will reach out to begin exposing Daybreak into your organization's managed applications. For our clients who do not use Okta, our client success team will be working to provide Okta integration to these users via our Aunalytics cloud. In either case, we believe Okta provides a level of security and simplicity that our clients need.

Once a client migrates, their login experience will change from what it previously has been. Users visiting https://daybreak.aunalytics.com will only see a welcome screen with the email address field. Users enter their email address so that Daybreak can determine whether that particular user has been enrolled in Okta. In the interim before migration, un-enrolled users will be shown a password prompt as usual. After enrollment in Okta, however, users will be taken to the Okta login page to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Okta MFA works by presenting the user with several security measures:

  • The Okta login page is loaded directly from Okta and can be verified by a custom icon chosen by the user at enrollment. This icon helps prevent spoofing attacks.
  • The user will be asked to provide the password they have set.
  • Upon successful entry of the password, the user will be prompted for a second method of authentication. Usually users will select a 2-factor authentication device like a mobile phone via the Okta Verify app, but other methods like SMS messages, an automated phone call, or dedicated hardware devices can also be configured if desired.
  • Upon successful multi-factor authentication using the method that user has configured, Okta will pass an authentication token to the platform and redirect the user to the Daybreak web app.

Natural Language Answers Model Update

This month we've updated our Natural Language Answers™ language model to enhance its ability to handle queries on a number of new fields. The following table summarizes the large number affected fields:

Table Field Example
Customer ClosestBranchID Customers whose closest branch id is 1
Customer AreaCode Customers with 574 area code
Customer HasStudentLoan show customers with student loans
Customer HasDebitCard how many members have debit cards
Customer HasActiveBankruptcy list of customers with a bankruptcy
Customer AgeAtJoining Customers who joined at an age above 30
Customer ChurnDate Customers who churned this week
Customer OriginationBranchID Customer who have an origination branch id 1
Customer HasPayrollService Customer has Payroll Service
Customer HasRemoteDeposit Customer has Remote Deposit
Customer HousingStatus Customer Housing Status is Other
Customer TotalRevolvingCredit Total Revolving Credit above 1000
Customer MarketingMailingOptIn Customer has Marketing Mailing Opt In
Customer RestrictATMAccess Customer has Restrict ATM Access
Customer HasMerchantProcessing Customer has Merchant Processing
Customer LastCampaignContactDate Customer has Last Campaign Contact
Account ApplicationCode Accounts with an Application Code of 1600
Account EmployeeCode Account Employee Code is 0001
Account HasBillCoupon Account has Bill Coupon
Account HasVacationRewards Account has Vacation Rewards
Account InterestCheckGenerated Account has Interest Check Generated
Account IsInterestBearing Account is interest bearing
Account IsPublicFunds Account has Public Funds
Account LastStatementDate Account Last Statement this week
Account MailCode Account Mail Code is 1
Account NightlyODLimit Account Nightly OD Limit is 500
Account RenewalFrequencyDays Renewal Frequency Day is 1
Account StatementCycleDay Statement Cycle Day is 30
Account WasFundedByTransfer Account was Funded By Transfer
Account BalancePreviousCycle Account Balance Previous Cycle above 1
Account BeginningInterestRate Account Beginning Interest Rate above 0.01
Account HoldAmount Account Hold Amount above 0
Account NumberOfTimesRenewed Account Number Of Times Renewed above 1
Account OriginalAmount Account Original Amount above 0
Account AverageCollectedBalanceLast12 Average Collected Balance in Last 12 Months above 0
Account AverageCollectedBalanceYTD Average Collected Balance Year To Date above 0

Additionally, this month the terms "open" and "active" in the context of account status are now synonymous. You can get the same results by asking either "Show me customers with open accounts" or "List customers with active accounts".

New Daybreak Icon

This month Daybreak will sport a new logo/icon to represent the application:


We believe our new logo enhances the look and feel of the application. This logo will replace the old Daybreak icon/logo in various places throughout the web app, as well as in marketing materials. Aside from the look and feel, users will not experience any change in the web app or its functions.


Okta Multi-Factor Authentication for Aunsight

As discussed in our Daybreak release, Aunalytics now supports Okta as an MFA agent and centralized identity and acccess management (IAM) solution. We're very excited to deliver this solution not only for Daybreak, but also our internal team members working with the Aunsight platform. Beginning shortly after our release, we will migrate our internal teams to Okta.

For Aunsight users, there are additional considerations that our team members need to know:

  • Team members will now use the same credentials you have been using with Okta already to access our VPN (managed by O365). Keep this in mind if you need assistance in recovering your Aunsight account, because requests to reset a password will now be handled by the service desk technicians responsible for managing our Okta accounts, not the Aunsight support team.

  • Our team's migration to Okta will happen over a period of several months in three phases:

    • The first phase, consisting of a small group of team members who have volunteered to pilot the Okta functionality will take place immediately after deployment. Any issues discovered in migrating this group, or in their day-to-day use of Aunsight will be collected so that bug fixes or improvements to the migration process can be made.
    • The second phase will consist of the the rest of our internal users except a few who require access to Sightglass mobile apps to perform their work will take place as soon as any issues discovered during the pilot migration (phase 1) have been resolved.
    • The third phase will consist of users on our internal teams and partner companies who require access to Sightglass. This group is being held back from the earlier migration to allow time to resolve an issue integrating Okta MFA with our cloud based mobile app. The expected update to the mobile app should appear in the App Store/Google Play by the end of year or early 2022. Users in this group will want to check for the updated Sightglass app prior to migrating to Okta, as some devices have disabled automatic updates for apps.
  • Finally, users of the Toolbelt should bear in mind that the command au2 login will no longer function as usernames and passwords will be deprecated after the migration. Toolbelt users should set up a managed token for authentication as described in the Toolbelt User Guide to authenticate with Aunsight. There is also an update to the Toolbelt that will provide a new command, au2 context managed-token set. To use this command to set a managed token for authentication, enter the following:

au2 context managed-token set -t <TOKEN STRING>

Update your Toolbelt after the release to the latest version to take advantage of this new command.

Datamarts Backend Improvements

This month, we are releasing a number of improvements to our Datamart service backend to improve reliability and increase its efficiency and storage footprint. Some highlights are:

  • Improved error handling
  • Improved cleanup of tables on the Datamart storage engine
  • Primary keys are now checked for uniqueness
  • and many others.

Workflow users have long used the Jobs dashboard to investigate problems with their workflow components. This month, the graph of components displayed in a workflow's job record will now be clickable elements, allowing a user to immediately investigate a particular workflow component task that was started by a workflow. This small improvement to our UI will help our support and operations teams to identify more quickly and easily failing workflow components and take action to ensure the health and reliability of our solutions.

Service Metrics

This month, a new internal monitoring capability will deploy: service metrics. As the Aunsight platform services have scaled in load immensely over the past several years, our commitment to provide consistent quality of service (QoS) and performance has not decreased. To that end, we have created a new internal component for tracking and recording data regarding internal service health and performance.

These new service metrics are a data stream that indicates various quantitative data points about each platform service, such as:

  • Number of API calls
  • Number of API errors (4xx responses, etc.)
  • API Events
  • Duration of calls (Time to response)

Additionally, the data for API call durations are continuously aggregated to provide summary metrics for API response times: - The shortest and longest API response times (min/max) - The average response time (mean) - The total compute time for responses (sum) - Response times sorted by deviations (50th, 75th, 90th, 95th, and 99th percentiles)

Users of Aunsight will not have any direct interaction with this new data, as it is consumed internally by our infrastructure and development teams, but it will directly contribute to our ability to provide enhanced stability and response time for our users, both internal and external.

Aunsight™ Golden Record

This month, there are a number of enhancements to Aunsight™ Golden Record:

  • The AuGR UI now gives improved, user-readable error messages when configuring connections so that users can resolve many connection problems on their own without having to seek support.
  • Transactional Workflow (TXWF) users can now purge the TXWF tables.
  • Users will have a new automatic logout experience when being disconnected from the tenant due to inactivity.

Release Contents

Issue ID Description
PZ-1160 Filter out non 6 month transactions before populating the customer_TransactionFreqBranch6Months field for v2
DATAINT-801 Canonical Storage Location for Component Level Stats and Status
DATAINT-794 Session Expiration UX improvement
DATAINT-791 Agent - Download logs from UI option
DATAINT-787 Ability to Hotfix Specific Agents
DATAINT-778 Cleanup - Deprecate 'Enable Export in CSC' feature flag
DATAINT-767 Display Host Machine's Time Zone on Agents Screen
DATAINT-699 Map Golden Record's ID to Writebacks
DATAINT-691 File Based Logging
DATAINT-499 Improve User Level Errors When Configuring A Connection
AUN-15380 Allow records to be created on read-only resources in the Aunsight UI
AUN-15366 Restrict query description to displaying a max of 100 characters on Landing Page in My Recent Queries section
AUN-15357 Remove Daybreak user guide icon/link from banner in Daybreak
AUN-15352 Job info for batched queries
AUN-15338 Improve Datamart Job Error Messages
AUN-15320 When Adding Fields to SQL Builder in Daybreak V2, Fields Should be Uppercase
AUN-15206 Toolbelt command to set managed token in use
AUN-15075 Update Data Lab runtimes to Pandas 1.2.4
AUN-14634 Datamarts: Backend Improvements III
AUN-14632 Datamarts: Backend Improvements II
AUN-14301 Toolbelt direct login flow

Bug Fixes

Issue ID Client Request Description
DATAINT-793 Token Exposed for Local Agents
DATAINT-754 Unity & Non-Unity: Disabled Job Runs When Triggered
DATAINT-750 Plugin with No Form Fields - Do Not Force Test & Allow Save
DATAINT-624 Improve data formatting failure handling
DATAINT-575 Composite record tab stuck on loading after purging and reading again.
DATAINT-537 Make append-only resilient against job stopping
AUN-15434 Users with no context no longer see Welcome message
AUN-15355 Daybreak: In sql builder, the last line is sometimes not selectable
AUN-15347 daybreak, always prompts you about unsaved changes even when there are none
AUN-15335 Daybreak in/not in conditions should be incomplete if no items are selected
AUN-15291 Aunsight - killed jobs are showing as "failed"
AUN-15171 Graphql: Querying query job by id returns null
AUN-14880 Daybreak - query cannot be found has minor typo
DATAINT-757 T20210901.0625 Ascent - Opening a Well Resorts Version Browser Results Erratically
DATAINT-756 T20210901.0603 MDM Filter Not Clearing when Reset Search is Clicked
AUN-15384 T20210923.0709 Process's 'latest_published' returns wrong version
DATAINT-776 T20210830.0480 Request - Include Pilot Logs in Auto Clean-up
DATAINT-714 T20210811.0332 New Feature Request: Default attribute ordering/sort