Sightglass Solutions are available on 2 platforms- Mobile, and Browser. This allows Solution Creators to create just one solution, and users can access that information is either place.

Since Sightglass is a declarative framework, the same solution can be used in both places, optimizing for screen size and device capabilities. As much as possible, the content and functionality of both platforms will be the same, and be developed in tandem.

Platform Config

Platform-specific configurations can be set using the platform_config settings, at the root of the solution, or as exposed in the UI.


By default, all solutions are shown to users on both the mobile and browser platform. However, there may be some cases where Solution Creators may wish to limit access on a platform.

  • There is a security risk with accessing the data on one of the platforms.
  • The solution relies heavily on functionality that is only exposed on one platform (for instance, exporting data).
  • Use of one of the platforms will not benefit users, and the solution creator would prefer to not spend unneeded time doing quality assurance on the unneeded platform. is an object with 2 keys- mobile and browser. If a value is not set for a platform, it will default to true. If the value for a platform is false, no user will be able to access or load the solution from that platform.


    "platform_config": {
      "show": {
        "mobile": false

In this example, users will not be able to load the solution on Mobile. However, since a value is not set for browser, they will be able to access it via the Browser platform.