September 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the September 2023 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


Users can create or update a datamart that contains views that reference one another without needing to sequence the JSON configuration. This will allow users to more easily and quickly perform datamart migrations.

Fetch Total Count will now be a default setting in the Run Settings menu. The total row count will now appear at the bottom of the Run page.

Query Tool Enhancements

Partial Query Run - The ability to run a partial query in the Query Editor is now supported. Users can select a single SQL query in the Query Editor and run that query without running the entire batch.

Partial Query Download - Selected queries can now be downloaded. Users can highlight a specific query and download just the selected query without needing to download the entire batch of queries.

Partial Query Download

Save to Dataset - When users select a partial specific query and Save to Dataset the following buttons will be enabled since these functions are needed for a partial query; Dataset Info, Insert Dataset, Fullscreen, Run Settings, and Save. All other buttons will be disabled.

Save to Dataset

Link to Job in Query Output - Now in the Query Output there will be a link to Job page, making Job information more accessible to users within the Query Output.

Job Link in Query Output