April 2022 Release Notes


Syntax Editor Added to Aunsight Query Tool

The Aunsight query tool is getting a syntax editor! This editor will provide suggestions and autocomplete functionality for SQL keywords and dataset fields, which will improve efficiency and reduce errors. Also, when users hover over the field name, they will see the field name, table name (source) and field type.

Syntax Editor

Syntax Editor

Update to Share Permissions

When sharing objects to a new context, the user will be presented with a single checkbox called “reshare,” which will allow the shared-to context to share the object. Users will also notice that the policies are now presented as radio buttons, as the policies are hierarchical, which removes the need for checkboxes. Finally, since the share permission is now explicit, the need for a permissions section is also obviated. For objects that already have permissions, that section will show as deprecated with an option to remove individual permissions, as they are all accounted for in the available policies. All items will have an information icon that describes the policy and what “reshare” does.

Share Permissions

Parameters Section Added to Workflow and Dataflow Job Details Page

When using parameters in dataflows and workflows, users will now be able to see the parameters on the job page of the dataflow or workflow. For dataflows, the parameters information is shown in the “Dataflow” section of the details panel. For workflows, the parameters information is shown in the “General” of the details page.

Workflow & Dataflow Parameters

Add Daybreak/Data Mart support to lib-aunsight-py

For Daybreak, users will be able to do the following:

  • Create a config
  • Update a config
  • Delete a config
  • Query a config
  • queryBatch a config
  • Validate a config
  • List organization members who belong to the group found on the scope

For data marts, users will be able to do the following:

  • Create a data mart
  • Update a data mart
  • Delete a data mart
  • Query a data mart
  • queryBatch a data mart
  • Generate migration of tables
  • Migrate tables
  • Load the tables

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Allow Dataflow to save when importing a dataset without loading it
  • Datalab support for formations
  • Add Exasol as a data type (for display) in Aunsight
  • Allow workflow job parameters accessible via GraphQL API

Aunsight Bug Fixes

Description Client Request
Improved error messaging for upload and download task failures in Dispatcher
Dataflow raw json output lists "undefined" for key pair name of substituted parameters
Only show active Datalabs in List Workspaces command
Update error for running a process with an invalid token to avoid logout

Aunsight Golden Record

Small Feature Enhancements

  • FileReader Plugin Updates
    • Allow 0-based comma-separated column range
    • Source file name now available as a column in the output data
  • Property Count now available when configuring and/or editing Inputs for Golden Records and Tables for Transactional Workflows

Aunsight Golden Record Bug Fixes

Description Client Request
Agent notification emails undelivered T20220323.0351