March 2022 Release Notes


Parquet Init Option

The “initialize dataset” component in Workflows will now support Parquet files.

“Copy Context” Shortcut

In the “context” section of the Details page for relevant Aunsight tools (e.g., datasets, dataflows, workflows), there is a new line item for “CLI Command” that allows users to copy the command for use elsewhere (e.g., Toolbelt).

Dry Run Mode for Formations Deploy

Adds a --dryrun argument to formations deploy to Toolbelt and Lib-Aunsight that goes through all the changes but not save them. It shows exactly what will happen during a real run while not altering the current working state.

Modify Memento Series Metadata

Users will be able to update metadata for Memento Series using the Toolbelt

Connection Pooling for Exasol

Exasol will contain a persistent pool of connections per data mart engine resource that will be ready to be used at any point. If a pool doesn’t exist for the resource upon request, a new one will be created and maintained. Each delegate service maintains its own collection of pools, so, if multiple delegates exist, it’s not guaranteed that the same pool of connections will be used. If the pool for a resource doesn’t resolve for any given delegate, a new pool will be created. Connection pooling is expected to shave off 50-100ms on query and query-batch data mart submissions via the query delegate service.

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Ability to copy the context from the Aunsight tools interface for easy use in Toolbelt and Python.
  • Ability to copy and paste CLI command for context information

Aunsight Golden Record

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Plugin allowing users to connect to a FHIR/HL7 server/stream for data ingestion
  • AuGR users notified when an On-Demand or Scheduled Job triggered via API is completed
  • Plugin allowing users to connect to the OKTA API's User object for data ingestion

Bug Fixes

Description Client Request
Server error fix for Power BI data refresh T20220215.0420 and T20220303.0511
Continuous refresh of Transactional Workflow Counts post 'Queued for Analysis' T20220223.0084
Snowflake plugin version 1.3.0 update - fix to drop and re-create tables T20220225.0466
Azure SQL plugin version 1.0.4 update - remove the disable ping option T20220303.0248