Insights are a list of key understandings that come from our data. They should be timely and actionable. They are displayed as notifications on the user’s phone, and also within Sightglass as a feed.


The first thing that is seen for an Insight. This should be attention grabbing without being “clickbaity”. It should succinctly convey the primary info that should be conveyed to the user.

  • This should be written as a headline- do not end with a period.
  • Do not capitalize every word.
  • Assume this is the only part of the message the user will read.
  • This should be dynamic- if a user receives multiple notifications with the same title, they will likely start to tune them out.


This should provide a user with more info on an insight. Depending on the display, they may only see a snippet of this until they click to see the full details.

  • This should be written in paragraph form, as a single paragraph.
  • Use a friendly, conversational tone.

Extended Detail

If you wish to add more background data to an insight, you can add an extendedDetail field. This can be longer, and will only be shown inside Sightglass, and not in notifications.

You can add line breaks using \n and tabs using \t. No other formatting is available.

  • This should be written in paragraph form, and supports multiple paragraphs.
  • Use a friendly, conversational tone.


Quickly communicates to the user the type of update that has been received.


  • alert - Normal alert to use when communicating a general insight.
  • warning - High priority alert that communicates an insight with a negative connotation. Should be used sparingly.
  • data - Use to communicate that there is new data available.


Insights should be actionable, and Sightglass should make it easy for users to take action. actions takes an array of items that will be presented to the user.

type: link-tool, link-external or localInfo

link-tool and link-external use the same format as the metric actions.

For type localInfo:

This is displayed as a popup, and provides further Insight-specific details.

  • text - The content to be displayed. You can add line breaks using \n and tabs using \t. No other formatting is available.
  • linkText - The display text for the button that will open the popup.
  • link - A further link that the user can take- this is a nested link object, as above.

Example insights

Simple insight:

      "title": "With a type",
      "detail": "Title, detail and an icon will be shown.",
      "type": "alert"

Insight with action:

      "title": "With an external link",
      "detail": "Title, detail and a link will be shown.",
      "type": "warning"
      "actions": [{
        "type": "link-external",
        "href":  {
          "type": "static",
          "value": ""
        "title": {
          "type": "static",
          "value": "Open external link"

Insight security

Due to the underlying technologies of how push notifications, Sightglass Insights may have some special security considerations, depending on your use case.

General Sightglass security

Besides parts of Insights, all Sightglass data is transferred with end to end encryption from Aunsight servers to the user’s device. No solution data is stored on the device.

Insight delivery mechanisms

Insights are delivered via 2 separate mechanisms with different security levels.

Push Notification delivery

Insights are delivered to users via push notifications, which have two security factors.

  • The data displayed in push notifications may be visible to people beyond the intended recipient. Depending on the user’s settings, the data will likely be shown on the phone’s lock screen, meaning anyone with physical access to the phone has access to the data.
  • The data displayed in push notifications must be sent through channels with lower security that we can not control. The data is sent from Aunsight to Amazon AWS SNS, and then to Apple’s APNS or Google’s GCM service, and then on to the device. At each of these steps, the data is not encrypted.

Fields sent via Push Notification

  • Title
  • Detail

Because of these factors, it is highly encouraged that users do not use these fields to send data that is sensitive or contains patient health information.

Sightglass Insight delivery

In addition to the push notifications, Sightglass Insights also provide a delivery mechanism for addition information related to an Insight.

All fields, including the Title and Detail fields, are delivered securely with end to end encryption from Aunsight servers to the user’s device. However, since the Title and Detail fields are also sent in the Push Notification, they should not be used for sensitive data.

These additional fields are only shown inside the Sightglass app and can be used for the delivery of sensitive data and patient health information. However, precautions should be taken to ensure that only the user has access to the solution.

Recommendations for Sightglass Insight Security

  1. Do not use the Title or Detail fields for sensitive information.
  2. Use the Extended Detail or Local Info Action options for sensitive information.
  3. Companies are responsible for determining and implementing device security rules for their users, including device passcodes and time outs.