The status workspace provides a configurable dashboard-style overview of the current context in the main view of the web interface.

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Available widgets include:

  • Organization Details
    Basic context metadata, like name, description, ID and projects (for organizations only).

  • Deliverables
    A Markdown-formatted description of project and organization deliverables. This provides a useful place to write descriptive documentation for your context, and to include URL links to important resources like datasets and workflows that are frequently accessed.

  • Jobs
    A filterable list of recent jobs and their status.

  • Recent activity
    A list of recent log activity reported by Aunsight platform services.

  • Metrics
    A browsable selection of charted performance metrics for the context.

Configuring Status

The sections in this view can be customized by clicking the settings icon (settings icon) in the upper right corner of the content area.

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