November 2022 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce our November 2022 release. This release provides you with the site enhancements described below.


Default Resources Selected

Aunsight organizations and projects will have default resources assigned, simplifying and standardizing the use of resources throughout Aunsight. Having default resources will enable production projects to run on production resources while development projects run on their own set of appropriate resources, eliminating the risk of using production resource for development work.

Default resources are set at either organization and/or project level. Users with permission will be able to set the default resources, while all other users will notice default resources are automatically selected when exploring a dataset; running a dataflow, process, query or script; creating a datamart; and all other actions that require a resource be set. Default Resources

Any new projects created after this release will have default resources set by an administrator level user. All existing projects will see no immediate changes to the resources for the project. They will continue to use the resources defined now until they transition to use newly named default resources as part of the roll out process.