April 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the April 2023 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


Deprecated Dataflow Operations

In this month's release several Dataflow operations have previously been deprecated and are no longer available to add to dataflows. However, they are still used in current dataflows.

Users who access the deprecated operations in their existing dataflows will see some differences after this release.

First, the following deprecated dataflow operations can now be edited in the Dataflow Builder:

  • Transform.AddRowNumbers

  • Transform.NestedCut

The editing capabilities will be limited to editing and deleting. Changes can be recovered by reverting to a previous version. Additionally, users are able to duplicate dataflows to optimize using these within a current dataflow or by using a script to import file for available use.

Additionally, the operations listed below will migrate to use the plural form of the operation when users click into them.

  • Transform.AddField → Transform.AddField(s)

  • Transform.Convert → Transform.ConvertField(s)

  • Transform.RemoveDisambiguation → Transform.RemoveDisambiguation(s))

When focus is on one of these operations in the existing dataflow, the following message will display informing users of the ability to migrate the newer operation option.

Deprecated Dataflow Operations

Clicking the Apply button on the operation will migrate the operation to the newer plural operation while keeping the all the setting (inputs, outputs, arguments, etc.) as they were.

Should there be an unforeseen issue with the operation migration, using the Revert button under the Versions tab will return the dataflow, including the deprecated operation, back to its prior state.

Small Feature Enhancements

  • In preparation for the sunsetting of the Legacy Dataflow Builder, the review dataflow functionality found under the View button on the Dataflow Versions tab and in the Dataflow section of the Job Details tab will now show read only view of the dataflow using new Dataflow Builder layout and look.
  • When working in a Dataflow, the options for Spark Engine and Map Reduce Engine have been removed from the Dataflow gear menu. This change is to bring the UI in line with existing options. “Update Output Atlas Schemas” is now the only available option.

Update Output Atlas Schemas

  • Dataflow component updated to include a key-value pair of “format”:”date-time”, “dateFormat”:”YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.” This is in addition to the “jethroType”:”timestamp” key-value pair. This change will help to reduce confusion when the ‘Convert Datetime Fields to Jethro Timestamp’ component is seen since Aunsight leverages Exasol and not Jethro.
  • The Datamart migration plan error message has been updated to provide a clearer message indicating that the migration must have at least one action. The user can edit their plan and fix issues with their migration to avoid failed migration jobs caused by no actions.

Datamart Migration Error Message

  • To ensure clarity and ease of use, we have revised the help text for both the Drop All and Drop Others options. The updated text for Drop All and Drop Others now includes the keyword 'Views.' The updated descriptions are as follows:
    • Drop Others: "Drop any existing tables and views not mentioned in the tables argument."
    • Drop All: "Drop all tables and views first and create new."