Script Engine

Aunsight can employ custom scripts written in the AuQL scripting language to perform a variety of tasks to monitor and validate data. AuQL can also be used to push notifications to Sightglass app users.

The Script Engine tool displays a list of all scripts belonging to the current organization in a list panel to the right of the tools panel.

Script Engine screencap

The script list can be searched and sorted by clicking the appropriate icon on the upper left of the list panel.

You can also create a new workflow by clicking the plus icon in the upper right of the list panel.

Script Engine tools

Clicking a script in the list opens it in the main view and gives access to various tabs with information and tools for working with that script.

Script details

  • Details
    Displays workflow metadata such as the resource ID, creation and last modification dates, and version information.

  • Modify
    Opens a plain text editor for viewing or editing the script in AuQL JSON.

  • Run
    Allows the script to be run on demand as well as specifying configuration options for the job.

  • Versions
    Provides a version control system (VCS) for saving successive versions of the workflow.

  • Jobs
    Displays job information for every instance when the script was run.

In addition to the tabs, scripts can be deleted by clicking the delete button on the far right of the main view.


Script deletion is irreversible!