October 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the October 2023 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


In the new Dataflow builder when users open a schema from the Dataflow Builder they can now add multiple arguments by simply clicking on fields in the schema, instead of having to “add argument” in the side menu then drag and drop in a field. This will save end users time and reduces the number of clicks. This functionality has been applied to the following operations:

  • Group Complex

  • Convert Fields to Datetime

  • Convert Datetime Fields To Timestamp

  • Reorder Fields

  • Select Field(s)

  • Select and Rename

  • Rename fields

  • Remove Field(s)

  • Pivot Fields

  • Remove Nested Fields

  • Count having

  • Sort Nested Rows

  • Sum Having

  • Add Compound Key

  • Add Field(s)

  • Convert Field(s)

  • Drop Prefix

  • Map Field(s)

  • Pivot Fields

  • Sort Rows