June 2022 Release Notes


Recovery Workflows

When a workflow fails or is killed, a Recover button now appears for users to recover the workflow from the point of failure.
Recover Button

Recovery mode will skip components that have succeeded, are not specified as “unskippable” or all preceding components were skipped. Previously succeeded or skipped components can be forced to run by specifying them as “unskippable” on submission using the component id. Users with appropriate permission can recover the failed workflows for up to 7 calendar days. Original failed and recovered workflow jobs will have additional context to help associate the two together. The original failed workflow will show and link the Recovery Attempts while the recovered workflow will include (Recovery) in the job name and link to the job it Recovered From. Both failed and recovered jobs will be listed in the Jobs tab too.
Recovery Job

Time & Time Zone Support

This release brings enhanced display of time and time zone information throughout Aunsight for the created, updated, and accessed date fields. Clicking the Information icon next to dates in the Details Tab will display UTC, local and relative time with click to copy capabilities as a bonus.

Time Zones

When CRON is enabled in Workflows and Pipelines, the CRON time zone argument will default to UTC but can easily be changed to one of many time zone options. Existing workflow and pipelines will remain in the America/Indianapolis time zone.

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Parameters can be used in string and numeric arguments in the Arguments section of the Operations panel in the Beta Builder. When switching between input types, the value will be removed.
  • User can now enter -1 in the Dataflow Limit to see all rows in the Beta Builder.
  • Change the path of an Atlas Record in the UI.
    • The following fields are editable in Details area: Format, Resource, Path.
    • Delimiter can also be edited for .dsv format only.
  • Run Latest and Run Published are new options in the Run Process & Run Process multi-component in the Workflow Builder.

Aunsight Bug Fixes

Description Client Request
Fix for shared dataflows that have modify permissions. “Modify” and “Modify Beta” buttons allow user to load and modify dataflow or display error.
Update to enforce required dataflow parameters to be populated prior to save.
Fixed Dataflow parameter when editing chararray Field Type and Value.
Dataflows with Float type parameters no longer receive an expected error.
Fix for Dataflows dataset preview modal displaying data.
Corrected error in the Dataflow Beta Builder when switching datasets in a load operation.
Workflow Builder fix to draw connections to correct import ports.