July 2022 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the July 2022 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


Valid/Invalid Dataflow Indicator

In the Dataflows list view and Details tab, a new badge will indicate if the dataflow is broken or not. A green Valid badge indicates the dataflow has all the required parameters and details needed to run, while an orange Invalid badge means it has an issue. These indicators are meant to help with validating changes and troubleshooting issues by more easily identifying broken dataflows. This applies to both legacy and beta builder.

Valid Invalid Badge

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Hitting the + (plus) button in Dataflow & Beta Builder will now direct focus to the Search field.
  • Output name will auto-generate for dataflow operations in Dataflow Beta Builder.
  • Click to Copy functionality is now available for Dataflow and Workflow IDs.
  • Selector modal titles have been updated to display entity names in Workflow Builder components.
  • Jobs raw JSON and Datamarts raw Schema views now display in a read-only Ace editor giving users helpful syntax highlighting, a less cluttered line format, and collapsible sections.
  • Loggerstream will be checked by default when submitting a Process in the Aunsight web UI.

Aunsight Bug Fixes

Description Client Request
Fix documentation links in the Expression Builder.
Fix to ensure all information is complete in the Jobs raw JSON.
Dataflow legacy builder Field Name now has a more user-friendly error message displaying the acceptable characters.

Aunsight Golden Record

Small Feature Enhancements

  • AuGR User Password Setup Emails Will Not Be Sent to SSO-Created Users.
    • SSO-created users for Aunsight Golden Record will no longer receive a separate email to set up their password to prevent confusion.
  • FileReader Plugin: Apply Multiple Filters When Selecting Files Within a Directory
    • With Version 4.18.0 of the FileReader Plugin will allow users to apply additional filters so that a subset of files can be selected.
  • OKTA Plugin: OKTA API for User Object
    • Update to the OKTA Plugin allows users to read the OKTA API User Object as an Input for Golden Records or Transactional Workflows.
  • The Salesforce Plugin has been enhanced to support real-time data ingestion.
  • Smartsheet Plugin: Customization of Queries
    • Allows users to configure customized queries for the Smartsheet plugin.
      • Select multiple sheets
      • Data transformation
  • Oracle Plugin for Golden Records provides 3 different versions of the Oracle Plugin allowing for more control and limits plugin activity.
    • The original Oracle Plugin will continue to contain read, write and discovery capabilities.
    • Oracle .Net Plugin is a re-write of the original Oracle Plugin in .NET and will contain to have the same capabilities as the original: read, write, and discovery.
    • A new Oracle .Net Lite Plugin will have read only capabilities and no discovery functionality.
    • The new Oracle Config Plugin is a read only plugin that only executes queries that are contained within a client-controlled Json formatted config file. This provides a high level of restriction ensuring that when the queries are run, they run client approved queries only.