The jobs workspace displays all of the jobs run or currently running in the organization in a list panel to the right of the tools panel.

Jobs are created on demand through other tools and can only be viewed in the jobs tool. By default, jobs are sorted in descending chronological order, but specific jobs can be filtered by clicking the search icon in the upper left corner of the list panel.

If a recent job does not appear in the list or the information about a job is out of date, the list can be refreshed by clicking the refresh icon in the upper right corner of the list panel.

Clicking on the name of a job in the list displays the details and logs for that job in the main view.

Jobs Details

Clicking a job on the list opens it in the main view and gives access to various tabs with information about that job.

  • Details
    Displays job metadata such as the resource ID, creation and last modification dates, state, and duration information.
  • Logs
    Displays log information as the job progresses.