June 2023 Release Notes

Aunalytics is excited to announce the June 2023 release to our clients. This release will provide clients with model and site enhancement information along with any fixes to existing functionality we have included.


Query Tool Enhancements

We are updating our Query Tool to adopt a bevy of keyboard shortcuts to provide our users quicker ways to interact with our query editor. Some of the more notable hotkey combinations are listed below.

Users will now be able to save their query by using the hotkey combination of CTRL/CMD + S. Additionally, query results can be saved directly to a dataset using the hotkey combination of CTRL/CMD + Shift + S.

Users are also able to execute queries with the CTRL/CMD + Enter hotkey combination. Alternatively, users can also elect to execute a highlighted portion of the query pane by highlighting the portion of their query they wish to execute and using the hotkey combo (CTRL/CMD + Enter) to execute the desired portion of the query.

If users need to download their query results as a file, they can use the keystroke CTRL/CMD + D.

Should users need to verify information about their currently in use dataset for the query they can use the shortcut CTRL/CMD - I to toggle the dataset information pane.

For a full list of the available keyboard shortcuts please reference this article.

Bug Fixes

Description Client Request ID
Dataflow Version Preview – Missing Parameter Outputs: Of note, on the dataflow job the graph preview will show the contents of the parameter (dataset name). On the dataflow version page, however, only the parameter’s name will display (since there is not a particular value for the parameter)
Workflow parameters cannot be set after modifying/creating new workflow parameter component T20230203.0513